Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Amy sexy gallery (24)

Sexy pics of hot model Amy (SpunkyAngels).
Strapless dress.

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  1. In the background you can see squat of a country house of some foreign city. All photos are taken on the same balcony of a private house. I wonder where they shot these pictures and who is the photographer that did it. Apparently this is some kind of underground photo Studio engaged in illegal modeling business for which in Russia they would have long been put behind bars. These moral freaks seduce young innocent girls and deliberately seduce them, forcing them to act in obscene poses promising them a career and a high fee. The address of the photo Studio of this campaign is hidden, and its interesting and beautiful name, the original design with the inscription decorated on the sides with wings of angels attracts young and stupid girls while hiding for them their true purpose, which is to try to seduce young people, as well as to incline to violence and debauchery. I am against such an illegal modeling business, it must be eradicated and punished with a commensurate execution in the electric chair, as it was and is in the United States, or execution. This criminal activity is a gross violation of the law and violence against the freedom of the individual, as well as the imposition on young people of their depraved ideas and goals. This is my personal attitude to this model industry, as well as to other similar organizations.